Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super C

Before you read, this isn't makeup related this post is all about a potent health drink! At Walgreens yesterday, I came across a small stand next to the drinks and it had 2 for $5 Super C vitamin and mineral drink mixes. Usually, with drink mixes particularly orange flavored mixes, I can't drink them without gagging because the taste is comparable to taking a multivitamin and crunching it up with your teeth! But I was really blown away by the quality and the ingredients in the the Energy berry mix. Let me start by sharing information about this product.

Super C Energy- The mix that both energizes and hydrates your body, is unlike any other energy drink on the market. It doesn't cause energy crash, dehydration or mental distress and it offers focus. The label includes the following notes:
-"B vitamins, ginseng, amino acids, and natural caffeine from green tea for energy and stamina"
-"6 electrolytes for healthy rehydration"
-"L-Theanine for focus and mental clarity"
-"Chromium and green tea for metabolism" (ladies watching their figures could this be a safe alternative??)
-"Antioxidants help protect and repair"
The nurtion facts which are jam packed with vitamins, are great for a woman's needs and they all offer immune boosting qualities. There are B vitamins in this mix which help your body get energy from food and Vitamin C for your immunity. Also, there is a blend for energy and focus which has an interesting component, the caffeine! Your thinking what could be so special about the caffeine? Well it says it is natural caffeine that is from green tea and I thought that was cool! And for everyone who is conscious about what they put in their body or are sensitive to foods. Listen here,
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Flavors
Gluten Free
A pack contains 5 and you mix it with 16oz of water. It comes in a berry flavor and promotes energy and a focus mind. College students might want to switch out their coffee! I have never heard of any energy mix or drink that promotes hydration it could be an alternative for those who need the extra boost at the gym without the side cramping.
I tried this drink today and I am blown away because the taste is yummy. It wasn't too sweet and you couldn't taste the vitamins as much as I expected I would. It is like a vitamin water with the same light flavor of fruit, not like a juice or a punch. And it picked me up right away but, the interesting part was that I had no sense of jitters or heart racing affects. The way I sensed it working was when my mind became less cloudy and I felt positive and ready to do anything. I recommend this over any energy drink! Please, give it a try especially if your a student getting up every morning yawning throughout every class to say awake. Or, if your trying to stay motivated and stick to a gym or diet regime this could be a nice supplement with 0 calories per serving. Just remember if you are on any medications or working with a nutritionist to consult with your doctor to make sure energy drinks or mixes are right for you! 5/5 rating!! Finally a drink mix suitable for adults!