Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Britney!

This video is Amazing! It's just me against the music! = D

Milani and Rimmel Mascara

Today I wore Rimmel Magnify Mascara which got the job done. I posted some horrible pictures (still working the kinks out in the new camera) you can see how it turned out. I find that it isn't dramatic and the black pigment isn't deep enough to give my eyelashes a lush, full look. Also, the eyeshadow I tried is called Taffy #10 by Milani. I would say any of milani's eyeshadow are going to give you great results. So, if there is a particular color you love buy it Milani to save some $$. Don't opt for a different brands with a look a like, other brands may lack quality.
This color would look great on someone with cool tones!! Oh, sorry about the eyelash curling. I was in a rush lol. Yeah, my eyelashes are lengthy someone once said, "Oh my gosh, you look like a bat." LOL those lashes are so damn long especially when they are straight. Oh well, Thank you God I think...

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. *crosses fingers* Please let it snow soon maybe on Thanksgiving!! = }.

Olives Please

It does not matter if it is the super market, if beauty buys are on sale, I'll be there making a selection. With that said, wow, St. Ive's new and improved line is the bee's knees. When I use the olive scrub, it is like I'm sticking my head in the center of a bouquet of olives and aromatic flowers. This facial scrub is both delicate and clean-smelling, which brings a therapeutic dimension to my shower and I am digging it. As far as it's properties the consistency is not like a scrubber but more like a moisturizer. Instantly, my face sucks this stuff up! I feel it makes my face look younger, and it relieves me of stress so I am completely refreshed after I rinse it off. St. Ives olive scrub is great as a secondary cleanser, I usually follow up with a second cleanser that mositerizes after using an oil stripping harsh product. Yay for 50% off mark downs! The full price is around $8-9 so I will be watching for another sale.

Milani Vs. Physicians Forumla

Oh, the difficulties of finding the ideal powder foundation! The perfect powder to me is bendable, doesn't cake, and offers a substantial amount of coverage. I put Milani and Physicians Formula to the test to see which is more ideal. First here is a description of each.

1. Physicians Formula Pressed Powder Organic Wear- This compact offers great coverage and makes your skin feel soft. I am impressed that it is organic.

PRO'S- Great coverage, improved my skin tone and texture, easy to apply, portable, no mess, has a mirror, matched perfectly.

CON'S- Sometimes I found the product looked cakey when I used too much. Also, it had a tendency to make my skin look dry and flaky.

2. Milani Minerals- Be careful when I walked into my bathroom I accidentally bumped my hand into the door causing the bottom cap to fly off and powder to escape everywhere. The packaging is not sturdy.

PRO'S- Good coverage, produced a soft look, and was very bendable.

CON'S- The packaging sucks. It is messy to use so I wouldn't travel with it.

CONCLUSION: I loved that physicians formula helped my breakouts! No matter what I'd still use this product despite cons because it controls my acne. But, of course it would be a waste to make this a tie. There has to be a winner, so I say Milani Minerals took gold; the appearance was superior. I had great results with it, I loved my complexion after each use.

Researching reviews on the inter web helps me narrow my choices when selecting beauty products. Thus, I have to give credit to one of the reviews I read that motivated me to test the Milani Powder. The post I read on beautybunny, said that Milani's Powder is better than the one and only, prestigious, pimped out-Bare Minerals! I had to try it and I am happy I did. You can find more reviews on the link below. Thanks guys! <3