Saturday, October 11, 2008

Loving this!!

Yes, a drugstore product that gives my lips that tingly burn comparable to LipVenom; Maybelline volume XL seduction lip plumper, if you've tried it you know its power! If lip gunk that burns and makes you feel like Pamela Anderson is your thing, then welcome botox alternative Maybelline. Definitely, wish I was born with it! But sadly, this girl was not I have small lips. Thus, I prefer lip gloss to lipstick because it stays on better and gives my lips more dimension. Because it reflects light it tends to balance other facial features that are done up. And, lip gloss always looks cute with curled eyelashes, very sweet.
The two colors I tested and approve are inspiring iris and proud pink. They applied smoothly and the pigments were perfect, not too strong and definitely not weak. I honestly think the colors would flatter anyone! Burn baby burn.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Burt's Bees

My hands have been extremely dry and itchy lately. Nothing is working and I hate the feeling. I enjoy several scented lotions by Giovanni since they are rich and help soothe the pain temporarly but recently I have been drawn to Burt's Bees products. For lotion, since the skin is the body's largest organ, I try to go with organic products for covering bigger areas because I don't want to absorb harmful chemicals. Burt's Bee's body butter in cocoa butter and macadamian nut is smooth applying and nourishing. It can protect the outerlaryer of skin from the harsh wheather. This stuff gets addicting, I can apply it several times in a day or sometimes hours. Overal, the condtioning power isn't strong but the melt in your hands texture and clean smell makes it a winner for me. I love reaching for it; the bright label and package is cute and fun to apply. I definately am a Burt's Bees girl! Love.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Movie Recommendations: Fall Movie Must I

Incorporating other topics into a beauty predominating blog is going to be an obstacle but, I am willing to press for things I am passionate about including decorating, shopping, candles, beauty, and movies! Oh, and there is more to said list I promise.

Anyways, if your crazy about the seasons and love to experience and celebrate nature's changes then you might enjoy cozying up with a good movie. Movie night is a must for those who are season fanatics. With an ambient warm room and a nostalgic film, you can encompass and invite the sense of fall or winter into your house. The emotions, colors, and content of a film can be visually therapeutic and a great way to hype up your excitement for the holidays. From now on, being a major fall lover, I will be positing movies that make me smile and hopefully others too.

Fall movie must numero uno is... James and the Giant Peach! The tones in the film includes some oranges and browns, and they are mostly warm. Jame's spooky caretakers project an evil and haggard visage that can give you the creeps. It is a cute family film and I enjoyed watching it.

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Maybelline Mineral Power

The best thing about your local drugstore is when the clearance section has been stocked up with marked down beauty. Both of these mineral blushes were priced down to $2.69. However, the question is would I pay full price ? I am still undecided. They only have minimal pigmentation. Therefore, versus Covergirl blush, which I love, Maybelline minerals are sub par; they have no staying power. They aren't superior despite that they are mineral based. I do like mineral makeup because I have blemished skin and mineral foundation has helped control it. Overall, these pigments, classic mauve and simply coral, might be better suited for those who have sensitive skin. Not me!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hi everyone, welcome. My name is Ashley and I wanted to share and review my experience with beauty products and other consumer products so you don't throw your money down the hole! In reality, we all don't shop at Sephora every weekend and we all can't spend hours shopping, though we'd like to. I know the travesty of competing with other chicks to be flawless and not all of us were blessed with smooth skin and flawless complexions. Let me do the hard work, I'll pick up your slack, just sit back and hear me out- some things out there aren't worth trying! Not all products are equal and there are plenty that are inferior.
So, for all of you out here who can relate let me share my history. I have lived in the Bay State Massachusetts since birth. I am 21 and in college pursuing my goal and dream to a nursing career; this path has been challenging and I'll keep you updated on my studying. In school, I was just average and felt like an ugly duckling. No one every lended me advice, and growing up with a mother who is a tomboy doesn't help. Therefore, through self driven exploration, I had to find my own path to feel more confident in my skin. It has only been better! After seeing other beauty blogs I felt inspired to share so tips. Tips from an average humble girl who understands the sensitive subject! Well, the pleasure is mine. Awesome to meet everyone please post your experiences and history here!