Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hi everyone, welcome. My name is Ashley and I wanted to share and review my experience with beauty products and other consumer products so you don't throw your money down the hole! In reality, we all don't shop at Sephora every weekend and we all can't spend hours shopping, though we'd like to. I know the travesty of competing with other chicks to be flawless and not all of us were blessed with smooth skin and flawless complexions. Let me do the hard work, I'll pick up your slack, just sit back and hear me out- some things out there aren't worth trying! Not all products are equal and there are plenty that are inferior.
So, for all of you out here who can relate let me share my history. I have lived in the Bay State Massachusetts since birth. I am 21 and in college pursuing my goal and dream to a nursing career; this path has been challenging and I'll keep you updated on my studying. In school, I was just average and felt like an ugly duckling. No one every lended me advice, and growing up with a mother who is a tomboy doesn't help. Therefore, through self driven exploration, I had to find my own path to feel more confident in my skin. It has only been better! After seeing other beauty blogs I felt inspired to share so tips. Tips from an average humble girl who understands the sensitive subject! Well, the pleasure is mine. Awesome to meet everyone please post your experiences and history here!