Saturday, January 9, 2010

In love with my.. Rollers!!

Hot Rollers for the win!!! The pics were done at the five hour post hairdo mark. And I should add, I used them without hair spray.. and left the rollers in for like 15 mins because I was busy!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sallys Hair Products

I don't like my hair because it's always dry, frizzy, and in need of taming, everyday!! Ugh. So to help out my fellow dry haired readers (if you're out there) I have posted a picture of some products to share. The hair products are lined up in order from most liked to least favorite. The first product has a little heart in front of it for winning my heart! I am not going to individually grade them but instead provide you with a little review on each.

Mane 'n Tail Herbal Spray Therapy- This product is my favorite hair product at the moment because it smooths out and vanishes fly aways. And I personally like the fragrance, it smell clean. Right out of the shower, I spray this on my hair and it makes styling faster because I have less trouble areas. I spray it on finished hair to smooth and prevent frizz. <3

Generic Paul Mitchell The Cream- Other people say this makes their hair stiff and it can but just use it sparingly if you are worried. On dry hair it instantly smooths out coarse ends.

Argan Oil- A thick oil helps my hair but it is not a cure all for bad hair days. I do enjoy it and I love the little bottle. I believe pure Moroccan oil may work better than this product at making your hair soft. The major ingredient in it is dimethicone there is less real product as advertised.

Miracle 7- It works but the amount of product you get doesn't last long. I like to drench my hair in this it makes your hair feel healthy and soft. It may be number four in my list but must try this because it is a highly rated product from sallys and one of their major sellers. It might work for you and I recommend testing it out for yourself!!

Beyond the Zone Protein Cocktail- It smells like sweet-tarts which I like but I didn't notice a change in my hair. This product seems to have more value for someone who has brittle hair.

ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer- I was drawn by the rave reviews, the ingredients, and the smell but again didn't do much for me. I think that my hair is just too dry to gain a benefit from this product.

For more reviews please visit Sallys Beauty site

Now its your turn to share, for the good of others (myself included), please comment and tell me which of these products you've used, how you use them, and your own rating. Maybe I am just not using them right!! Thank you all.

Sephora Haul

Out of the products I purchased one stands out as my favorite- Smashbox Heartbreaker Fushion Soft Lights in baked starlight. The blush is a beautiful shade of pink and it looks natural. The other products were mediocre especially the Korres cherry lip kisses set which was a huge disappointment since the colors in the set looked promising.
As for the Tarte kit I bought it for only $6 so I cant complain. I wouldn't pay full price for it because I prefer the elf studio line brow kit because I get better results. The Rare Minerals moisturizer by bareMinerals didn't meet my expectations as well. It didn't make me breakout but the product would not sink into my skin as predicted. It made me feel like there was a layer of dust or film once it dried and my makeup didn't go on as smoothly as it does with other products.

Smashbox HeartBreaker Fushion Soft Lights= A
Korres Cherry Lip Kisses Set= C+ (I can still wears these and like the colors despite texture)
RareMinerals by BareMinerals= C
Tarte the Toolbox= B (I like it just a little more than the urban decay version but not elf's kit)

Happy to be back everyone!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance Policy!

These shadows kick ass! I love when brands throw in a primer with whatever they are selling and this package comes with a full tube of Shadow Insurance. If you have tried too faced eyeshadows before you might want to consider testing these out at your local Sephora because the quality and pigmentation in this mini book is fantastic and better than their older stuff. I swatched them without the primer and using a bursh on my forearm starting with glamazon ending with skinny dip in the order of the package. The colors can be layered for a solid and vibrant look or smoothed out into a everyday and wearable look. While shopping at Sephora I decided on this palette over the Urban Decay palettes because UD had too much sparkles. Too faced shadows shimmer but, it prevents them from looking dry and matte. I dig this product it reminds me of my tigi eyeshadows. Anyways definately give this a test at Sephora if anything you get a bonus chance to test out the primer without spending extra $$! Check out the link below and some other reviews on Sephora.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I went to Sephora yesterday only to be disappointed by almost every foundation they had on the shelves. I had a big shopping list of foundation brands that I read spectacular things about such as MUFE HD foundation and powder. A young woman that worked there picked out the color for my skin tone and applied HD foundation twice. Once over a thick green primer and the other without. Major disappointment, not only was the color yellowy and ugly on me it looked extremely fake. It was unnatural on me. Including the famous powder, the powder which is 100% silica and supposedly amazing, made me look like a dried up hag. I felt like I was applying Johnson's white baby powder to my face it looked chalky no matter how hard I tried to blend it. I wish this product worked for me but of course on my dry sensitive skin it was a no no. It sucks for me but, it also opens a door way. The fact that highly reviewed products don't work on me like I'd expect, means I am going to buy products that not to many people are trying giving readers a bigger scope.
So, the rest of my journey at Sephora goes like this, I kept trying liquid foundations from Nars to Lancome. Surprisingly, the only foundation in the store that cooperated was by Benefit and it was a bit thick and $30.00. I never did my homework on the product I just bought it because of frustration. The second place for foundations that worked on me was Sephora brand and I don't know anyone who wears Sephora brand.
Today I put to test Benefit's Nonfiction foundation and loved the results- smooth application, nice appearance, nonirritating. I had to quickly apply it because once it dries it becomes smudge proof. The color absorbs into your skin nicely. Overall, I liked it more than rimmel which is what I always use. But, I won't stop using rimmel because the benefit foundation is light and might not work in the summer. I am thankful I found a foundation that felt natural and like a second skin.
Besides Benefit, I also got Bare essentials despite its bad rep. I think the powder is alright but I have to admit Everyday minerals is 10x better. It didn't cover red spots well so over my Bare Essentials I applied the EM concealer. I didn't buy the kit just the foundation, the other products were too glittery for my taste.
The photos posted show everything I bought. Caudalie smells amazing and makes my skin tingly. If peppermint, natural oils, and herbal products are you thing I highly recommend it!! I swatched the Benefit foundation and the Sephora highlighting blush which was $15. And for my free sample I got this Shea body butter by Sephora that smells like coconut and it is 5/5 greatness. Fabulous smell and texture, I would purchase the full product in a heart beat. You have to smell it to believe me, if you love coconut, summer days at the beach, and smelling fresh you'll enjoy this lotion.It is fun to put on! In the pictures I am wearing everything I bought including the misting sprays and lashes. I have the foundations on too!! Oh and it is worth mentioning I forgot to put any type of primer under my foundation which means I can get even better coverage out of my foundation the next time!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super C

Before you read, this isn't makeup related this post is all about a potent health drink! At Walgreens yesterday, I came across a small stand next to the drinks and it had 2 for $5 Super C vitamin and mineral drink mixes. Usually, with drink mixes particularly orange flavored mixes, I can't drink them without gagging because the taste is comparable to taking a multivitamin and crunching it up with your teeth! But I was really blown away by the quality and the ingredients in the the Energy berry mix. Let me start by sharing information about this product.

Super C Energy- The mix that both energizes and hydrates your body, is unlike any other energy drink on the market. It doesn't cause energy crash, dehydration or mental distress and it offers focus. The label includes the following notes:
-"B vitamins, ginseng, amino acids, and natural caffeine from green tea for energy and stamina"
-"6 electrolytes for healthy rehydration"
-"L-Theanine for focus and mental clarity"
-"Chromium and green tea for metabolism" (ladies watching their figures could this be a safe alternative??)
-"Antioxidants help protect and repair"
The nurtion facts which are jam packed with vitamins, are great for a woman's needs and they all offer immune boosting qualities. There are B vitamins in this mix which help your body get energy from food and Vitamin C for your immunity. Also, there is a blend for energy and focus which has an interesting component, the caffeine! Your thinking what could be so special about the caffeine? Well it says it is natural caffeine that is from green tea and I thought that was cool! And for everyone who is conscious about what they put in their body or are sensitive to foods. Listen here,
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Flavors
Gluten Free
A pack contains 5 and you mix it with 16oz of water. It comes in a berry flavor and promotes energy and a focus mind. College students might want to switch out their coffee! I have never heard of any energy mix or drink that promotes hydration it could be an alternative for those who need the extra boost at the gym without the side cramping.
I tried this drink today and I am blown away because the taste is yummy. It wasn't too sweet and you couldn't taste the vitamins as much as I expected I would. It is like a vitamin water with the same light flavor of fruit, not like a juice or a punch. And it picked me up right away but, the interesting part was that I had no sense of jitters or heart racing affects. The way I sensed it working was when my mind became less cloudy and I felt positive and ready to do anything. I recommend this over any energy drink! Please, give it a try especially if your a student getting up every morning yawning throughout every class to say awake. Or, if your trying to stay motivated and stick to a gym or diet regime this could be a nice supplement with 0 calories per serving. Just remember if you are on any medications or working with a nutritionist to consult with your doctor to make sure energy drinks or mixes are right for you! 5/5 rating!! Finally a drink mix suitable for adults!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Everyday Minerals Again!

Now, I tried the EM foundation in intensive. Yesterday, I used original glow. And, I really am in shock at how awesome they both worked and I love them both and would buy them to use in different weather conditions. The original is perfect for a light sparkly finish but, by no means fake looking. And, intensive is like that soft baby look, great if you really love to wear a lot of makeup and a full coverage. Just look at the quality it offered me in the above picture. If I had the guts to show you my bare face you'd understand. I have acne on my chin it is faded out using the concealer and under my eyes. Yayaya smooth skin! Absolutely impressed. I give it a 5/5 because usually nothing every goes on and works this well for me. Link below =D And I wore the blush in text message again but, I apply only a little!