Sunday, October 5, 2008

Movie Recommendations: Fall Movie Must I

Incorporating other topics into a beauty predominating blog is going to be an obstacle but, I am willing to press for things I am passionate about including decorating, shopping, candles, beauty, and movies! Oh, and there is more to said list I promise.

Anyways, if your crazy about the seasons and love to experience and celebrate nature's changes then you might enjoy cozying up with a good movie. Movie night is a must for those who are season fanatics. With an ambient warm room and a nostalgic film, you can encompass and invite the sense of fall or winter into your house. The emotions, colors, and content of a film can be visually therapeutic and a great way to hype up your excitement for the holidays. From now on, being a major fall lover, I will be positing movies that make me smile and hopefully others too.

Fall movie must numero uno is... James and the Giant Peach! The tones in the film includes some oranges and browns, and they are mostly warm. Jame's spooky caretakers project an evil and haggard visage that can give you the creeps. It is a cute family film and I enjoyed watching it.

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