Saturday, January 3, 2009

Plano Stow 'N Go

Storage! I am unorganized I have stuff kicking around on ever shelf so yesterday I went to Lowe's to try to solve the problem. I wanted compartments and lots of room and the only item there that offered this was Plano's Stow 'N Go Pro-Rack Organizer. It is serious! It does not look like a lot of makeup but there is still a decent amount tucked in there. The coolest feature is the very top compartment because I can put bottles that stand up in it like foundations. What is also neat is the hole for a lock which I have! So if you have siblings or children around and you want to protect expensive makeup you can in the top compartment! I got it in brown but it also comes in an icky yellow. If you want to check it out you can. This isn't the end for me I will be getting more ideas and storage in the future when I have more items. I told my B/F that if I out grow this one he can have it for his tools =P but until then, mine! Here is a link to what I bought.
Cost- $29.98

I am seeking input on how you ladies store products! Please send links to posts if you reviewed or wrote about it. I will collect them and list them here. What do you do to stay organized? Thank you!