Friday, January 2, 2009

Vincent Longo

Today I got my order from Sephora for the Vincent Longo Almafi dream look.
It contains the following:
Eye souflle- Lily Mist
Trio Eyeshadow- Orbit Dusk
Velvet Riche Lipstick- Sexy Lady
Duo Lip pencil- Passion/ soft pink
Mascara- The curl
Perfect Shine Lipgloss- Almafi Dream

So, overall I love the lipstick and gloss the most. The color is awesome and the application was smooth it is such a pretty deep purplish pink! Amazing. I was disappointed most with the Trioeyeshadow because I like more pigments and I really had to apply these to get anything to show up. I have yet to try the mascara because I wanted to test my Physicians Formula Mascara. I finally notice a difference from my other mascara pictures. My lashes looks darker and fuller. I wish wish wish it was perfect but there is always a drawback. I had a hard time getting my lashes to stay curled and it took extra effort overall to comb out clumps and set into place. However, if I have the extra time I will definitely choose this PF mascara over covergirl!!


tiffany said...

hey hun thanks for your comment..i would say the enzo millano rod would be better for short than long as i cant fit my long hair all on it anyways lol!!heated rollers are one of my faves but they really shorten my hair so i wouldnt recommend them for you unless you want shorter??? ill do one more look using some gold curler i got in th US see how u like it xx

Maddy said...

Awe you're so pretty!