Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome Back!

I went back to college today, so long break! Such a bummer I really enjoyed being lazy and sleeping in. Because of my makeup routine which is ridiculously long I take about an hour to get ready after I have showered unless I showered the night before. I have my hello kitty alarm set to 5:30am no wonder I don't stay awake in class. I have been looking at straighteners for my future bday prezzie. My Chi is complete crap it doesn't heat up anymore! And I am stuck between some difficult choices the Sedu or the Hai convertible as well as two cheapos Remington and conair infiniti. I am searching everywhere for reviews. Real true reviews from other bloggers please X post in comments any or what you use. I am in dire need because my hair is nothing but frizz! I don't mind buying lower price but honestly I want the one that works! I paid 100 for my Chi and it sucked it wasn't hot and powerful like I thought.

In the pictures I am wearing different products because I wear new arrangements of makeup everyday. I am one very unsatisfied makeup hauler I don't have a consistent routine and I still haven't found holy grail anything =...{. I don't know what to do to get my face really up to par I always have cakey makeup and I can't find a good foundation. Some girls barely look like they are wearing makeup I can't pull it off. Anyways, enough with my pity lol. I'll tell you what I am wearing today because I was somewhat content with it.

Rimmel Lasting finish foundation in ivory
Rimmel Primer
Milani Minerals loose makeup
Sephora sculpting Palette

Rimmel Lipstick in Crush

44 shade kohl's palette
PF Mineral wear Mascara Ultra Black
Eyebrow Jane a brown shadow