Thursday, January 22, 2009


I went to Sephora yesterday only to be disappointed by almost every foundation they had on the shelves. I had a big shopping list of foundation brands that I read spectacular things about such as MUFE HD foundation and powder. A young woman that worked there picked out the color for my skin tone and applied HD foundation twice. Once over a thick green primer and the other without. Major disappointment, not only was the color yellowy and ugly on me it looked extremely fake. It was unnatural on me. Including the famous powder, the powder which is 100% silica and supposedly amazing, made me look like a dried up hag. I felt like I was applying Johnson's white baby powder to my face it looked chalky no matter how hard I tried to blend it. I wish this product worked for me but of course on my dry sensitive skin it was a no no. It sucks for me but, it also opens a door way. The fact that highly reviewed products don't work on me like I'd expect, means I am going to buy products that not to many people are trying giving readers a bigger scope.
So, the rest of my journey at Sephora goes like this, I kept trying liquid foundations from Nars to Lancome. Surprisingly, the only foundation in the store that cooperated was by Benefit and it was a bit thick and $30.00. I never did my homework on the product I just bought it because of frustration. The second place for foundations that worked on me was Sephora brand and I don't know anyone who wears Sephora brand.
Today I put to test Benefit's Nonfiction foundation and loved the results- smooth application, nice appearance, nonirritating. I had to quickly apply it because once it dries it becomes smudge proof. The color absorbs into your skin nicely. Overall, I liked it more than rimmel which is what I always use. But, I won't stop using rimmel because the benefit foundation is light and might not work in the summer. I am thankful I found a foundation that felt natural and like a second skin.
Besides Benefit, I also got Bare essentials despite its bad rep. I think the powder is alright but I have to admit Everyday minerals is 10x better. It didn't cover red spots well so over my Bare Essentials I applied the EM concealer. I didn't buy the kit just the foundation, the other products were too glittery for my taste.
The photos posted show everything I bought. Caudalie smells amazing and makes my skin tingly. If peppermint, natural oils, and herbal products are you thing I highly recommend it!! I swatched the Benefit foundation and the Sephora highlighting blush which was $15. And for my free sample I got this Shea body butter by Sephora that smells like coconut and it is 5/5 greatness. Fabulous smell and texture, I would purchase the full product in a heart beat. You have to smell it to believe me, if you love coconut, summer days at the beach, and smelling fresh you'll enjoy this lotion.It is fun to put on! In the pictures I am wearing everything I bought including the misting sprays and lashes. I have the foundations on too!! Oh and it is worth mentioning I forgot to put any type of primer under my foundation which means I can get even better coverage out of my foundation the next time!


LINEA. said...

nice haul!

Anastacia Park said...

you looks so pretty!
good stuffs!