Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cherry Culture: A Virgin No More!

Aw ha! I got my first Cherry Culture order I am damnnnnnnn pleased!!!! This stuff
rocks. NYX is hardcore and my haul has really enlightened me. Here I am reviewing flirt makeup filling up my time but darn it, I haven't seen anything yet till today. This makeup is high quality and a bargain buy. Now, I really am blushing thanks to cherry culture! To think all this time my praises have been finally answered by a five minute order I placed. Girls you better go and I mean quick. The kettle is whistling I may have to order my second haul today wouldn't wanna buy it all out on yah. =D

Okay! I'll contain my excitement so I can tell you what I got!

In order from Top to Bottom:

First Picture: Amuse Eyebrow Kits $3.00 each. I picked these because they are 3 bucks for an eye color and three stencils which I didn't capture sorry. The one on the left is Medium Brown and the one on the right is Dark Brown. I didn't know how true the colors were to the pictures and which would work best on me so since they were dirt cheap I got both. The stencils are awesome the first time I have ever used stencils and it made a BIG difference! The dark brown was truest to my real color and it didn't apply heavily so I didn't look like a hairy monster! I love this you have to get it! I can tell it is going to last me a long time! If you're scared of the hairy eyebrow monster look don't worry order the color you think matches you! Great buy.

Second Picture: These are two eye color color palettes by Amuse. Awesome pigmentation and blends well. They are very sparely but surprisingly they worked. Some how the sparkles blended nicely into the deep colors.If they didn't offer such a great color pay off these would of sucked! But, they are great.I love the browns and neutrals. I believe one is called Golden and one is Pink princess. The one on the left would be pink princess it has cooler shades. They are just gorgeous again nice price! The total for both of them was $8.00.

Third Picture: This is NYX Mosaic Powder in Champagne. Now, you'll want to know about this one. I thought it was going to have lighter colors in it but it is very dark. I gave it a hard tap after and so I applied it lightly. Despite being so rich and brown it comes off very beautifully if you apply a little. It is amazing and the package is sturdy. I would say any NYX Mosaic powders are a must and fun to have. I will be using it has a blush. $6.50.

Fourth Picture: This is just a big picture but what I want to focus on is the NYX foundation and powder. These are tricky because normally I wear ivory or any light colors. However, the powder in this image is light beige and the liquid is natural. They were perfect for my skin tone but I do tend to have yellows more than cool tones in my complexion. These were great and left my face baby soft. What you really want out of these products is the powder it is amazing and the applicator is nice and soft. These cost $ 12.00 each. I highly recommend the powder it will give you a photo shop finish. And definitely pick the image color on the cherry culture site that matches you accurately don't be swayed by the names. I thought light beige would be too tan for me and it wasn't.

Skipping to the Lipstick Picture: These are NYX's round lipsticks. Starting on the left we have Sierra, Herades, and NYX. They are all very flattering and offer superb even application. If you already own Herades and love it you might like NYX. NYX has a similar tone just a little bit lighter and intense with a metallic sheen. It is cute worn lightly as a stain. These were all silky and great. They were warmer colors.

Well that is it for now thank you for reading! I just got these today so I will update more about my experience later. =} <3